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Forging Silver into Stars is an upcoming book set 4 years after the events of A Vow So Bold and Deadly.


Set four years after the events of the Cursebreaker trilogy, Forging Silver into Stars finds Tycho -- a Lord, now -- working as the King's Courier.

Far outside the royal circles, in a small rundown town called Briarlock, friends Jax and Callyn struggle to survive with the difficult hands fate dealt them.

In need of a blacksmith, Tycho stops at Jax's forge and makes an unexpected connection--but he's not the only stranger in Briarlock that day, and soon Tycho, Jax, and Callyn find themselves embroiled in a world of shifting alliances, brewing rebellion, and ancient magic.

Known information[]

  • It's the first book in a brand new unnamed trilogy set in the Cursebreakers universe. Although it's set in the same world, reading the Cursebreakers trilogy is not required.
  • While most of the characters of the Cursebreakers trilogy will appear in some form, there will only be three POVs: Tycho, Jax, and Callyn.
  • The book is Young Adult.
  • There will be a bit of romance, disability, and LGBTQ+ representation.
  • Tycho will get a love interest.
  • Brigid said this is the longest book she's written so far.



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