Cursebreakers Wiki
Cursebreakers Wiki

These basic rules apply to the whole wiki and are definite. These guidelines apply to adding images, making pages, editing the wiki and everything in between. Remember, all we want is a fun atmosphere and these will help with that... hopefully.

  1. Be bold in updating pages. Go ahead, it's a wiki!
  2. Be civil. No racial, gender, religion, or any hate speech/slurs/discrimination against any group. Opinions are allowed so long as they are expressed in an appropriate manner.
  3. No profanity. Keep swearing down as we do have a wide audience, swearing even after being asked to stop can result in a ban. If in chat a person won't stop swearing, block them, but if in main you'll have to ignore them or bring it to a moderators attention.
  4. Respect copyright.
    • Avoid directly copying content into articles in verbatim, whether from other websites, such as Wikipedia, or other official sources, such as the series books. Instead, add in your own write-up. An exception would be book, film synopses, in which case they should be copied in verbatim from an official press release and must be referenced.
    • Please link back to, reference, credit or attribute the wiki in any way (no matter how small) when words, quotes, or whole lines or paragraphs of text are taken from the wiki articles in verbatim for use elsewhere. Not only will it be so much help in expanding the wiki's reach and showing the contributors appreciation for their efforts, but this is also included in Wikia's ToU & Licensing policies. (Thank you!)
  5. Don't spam. Spam is not tolerated. (Repeat the same message multiple times or the same message on multiple articles.)
  6. No NSFW content (links or otherwise)
  7. Follow the Fandom Terms of Use and Community Guidelines.